Troy & Alisa          Sherman

Partnering Globally

With 2.5 million people being deceived, tricked or forced into slavery within 127 countries, we network globally with effective  initiatives who are bringing change to this statistic one life at a time.

We offer internships whether it is working in a safe house, drop- in center, drug rehab, or business. As individual passions and callings are discovered we help provide a plan of action.

“How we walk with the broken speaks louder than

how we sit with the great.”―Bill Bennot

Practicing Locally

The epidemic of Human Trafficking has spread the globe and exists in our backyard here in Portland, Oregon. An estimated 300-500 child sex trafficking cases are investigated every week. We are moving beyond advocacy and taking action by participating in influential areas of society such as; business, government, schools, and working with the vulnerable in our community.

Engaging Socially

We travel internationally which allows us to connect with people, creating a global network of opportunities for action.  Through education we can empower people to change their lives and equip them to bring change.  We provide resources for individuals or groups that want to work globally, practice locally and engage socially. “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use in the world” ~Mandela



Would you join us by financially contributing to the work we do or keeping up to date with our latest news and stories.

$1 a day becomes $100

By giving $1 dollar a day will do more than you think! It will empower us to continue our work and will multiply into $100 more that we can give towards prevention, rescuing and restoring of trafficked victims. At reaching our goal of 30 people donating $30 a month, we will commit to give $100 more per month to the ministries we partner with.

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